The Board Members

News from Solanco Education Foundation

The Solanco Education Foundation has elected officers for 2018.

Front row: Tom Brackbill, president, and Dr. Jon Rednak, vice president.

Back row: Bill Musser, treasurer, and Kathy Eberly, secretary.

The Solanco Education Foundation partners with local businesses and residents to raise funds for student scholarships and teacher grants, and to support important educational programs in Solanco schools including “Baggie Books” for kindergarten and first grade readers, the mobile science probeware program at the high school, and others. For more information, call 786-5617.


President: Tom Brackbill
Vice President: Dr. Jon Rednak
Treasurer: Becky Guhl
Secretary: Kathy Eberly

Additional Board Members:

Larry G Albright
Jane Ausel

Fan Bender
Susan Broomell

Bill Coble

Cindy Coble

Julie Duvall
Tyler McCardell 

Bill Musser

Brenda Roark

Patty Wilds
Sandy Tucker – non-voting member
Keith Kaufman – Executive Director – non-voting member